SLY Paintball Classic Barrel Back Kit - Black

SLY Paintball Classic Barrel Back Kit -  Black SLY-PAINTBALL-CLASSIC-BARREL-BACK-KIT-BLACK_1
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A staple of competitive paintball, the SLY Dual Carbon BLACK line of barrels is sure to improve your game. The ultimate blend of stealth and performance, the BLACK line of barrels continues to be one of the hottest items to fly off shelves here at SLY.


  • Patented Dual Carbon taper technology, resulting in more accurate trajectory control
  • Whisper quiet porting configuration and tip design
  • Ultra lightweight 100% carbon fiber design--the absolute lightest barrel available
  • Cutting-edge sealant process--resists the staining and etching effects of paint
  • Mix & Match: All Classic Series barrel systems are sold as seperate fronts and backs. This versatile configuration allows the consumer to mix and match fronts with backs that fit various markers and styles
  • Fits all Sly Barrel Backs (Sold Separately)

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