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RPM Bulk Tippmann Oring Kit - Fits 98, A5, X7 (non Phenom), FT-12, Gryphon, Triumph, US Army Markers, and Cyclone Feeds

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Bulk Oring Kit for all 98's, all A5's, all X7 non Phenom, all FT-12's, all Gryphons, all Triumphs, all US Army, and all Cyclone Feeds.

Includes (in order of size):
Safety Oring x 20
Cylinder Reset Oring x 10
Gas Line Oring [Gryphon] x 20
Gas Line Oring [Triumph] x 20
Gas Line Oring [X7] x 10
Valve Seat Oring x 20
Valve Plug / Valve Seat Oring x 20
Front Bolt Oring x 10
Tank to ASA Oring / Gas Line to Tombstone Oring x 20
Barrel Oring x 10
Rear Bolt / Valve Body Oring x 20
Valve Body Oring x 10
Tombstone Seal Valve Oring Large x 10
Buffer Oring x 10
Receiver Oring x 10
Barrel Oring / Buffer Oring x 20
Barrel Adapter Oring x 10

Bulk Kits come with 10 of Every Oring, in Buna material, and also a parts box for for easily selecting the size you need.

Our OEM kits include the correct OEM material and durometer orings specified by the manufacturer.  With our OEM oring kits, you'll be in the game and still shooting for longer.  Our economy bulk oring kits will give you more sets of replaceable orings or other needed items and are designed for more regular maintenance schedules.

Note: TA01058 Tombstone Seal must be ordered separately if needed.  See Related Products.

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