RAP4 Metal Adapter with Carbine Buttstock - Tippmann A5

RAP4 Metal Adapter with Carbine Buttstock - Tippmann A5 RAP4-METAL-ADAPTER-CARBINE-BUTTSTOCK-A5_1
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Made to take a beating and keep on serving you with utmost reliability, this multi-position collapsible stock comes complete with a metal body tube that threads into a milled-aluminum receiver plug for your Tippmann® A-5®.

We use high-impact polymer for the stock so that it’s light and tough enough to get banged around without deforming. We use aircraft-grade aluminum for the metal components so that you get fantastic service life and solid connections between the stock and your Tippmann® A-5®.

This stock is designed to perfectly replicate the collapsible stocks found on military-issue arms, and features a full range of positions that give you a proper fit no matter your arm length or how many layers you’re wearing. Collapse the stock all the way forward to make your marker compact for running, travel, or riding in armored vehicles! Then when you’re ready to shoot, slide it rearward to achieve a custom fit every time!

Key Features:

  • Full range of extension
  • Military-spec design
  • Metal body tube, plug
  • Easy installation

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