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Pure Energy Ultra 5 Year Fixed N2 Tank - 50ci - 4500 psi


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Pure Energy has been a manufacturer in the paintball Industry for many years now. We have become familiar with their high quality products at affordable prices. They now bring to us the PE Ultra Nitrogen tank. The Ultra tank comes loaded with new features that will now allow you to own just one tank for all of your paintball guns. The new 50ci Carbon Fiber wrapped bottle is the lightest 50ci bottle on the market. All tanks are equipped standard in High Pressure 850psi output pressure. They also include a Free Low pressure conversion kit which will allow you to convert your tank to Low Pressure 450psi output for your convenience. No more need to own both a High and Low Pressure tank, the PE Ultra is a 2 in 1 tank. As an additional bonus they include a FREE regulator repair kit with every tank.


  • Free Low Pressure 450psi Conversion Kit Included
  • Free Regulator Repair Kit Included
  • Accepts Nitrogen or Compressed Air
  • Lightest 50ci bottle Available on the market
  • Gives you up to 1200 shots with a full fill.
  • Output pressure is preset to 850psi.(Includes a LP conversion kit to go down to 450psi)
  • Consistent Flow Technology piston
  • Mil-spec Belleville springs
  • Dual safety rupture plugs for both bottle and downstream safety
  • Mechanical gauge
  • Nickel plated brass bonnet
  • Certified fill nipple
  • Dual locking set screws
  • 5 year hydro test date
  • D.O.T. Certification

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by Anonymous on March 26, 2009

works great. fits nicely on my cp 48 ci stubby tank cover.

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