Pure Energy Reactor Regulator Parts kit

Pure Energy Reactor Regulator Parts kit PURE-ENERGY-REACTOR-REGULATOR-PARTS-KIT_1
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The Pure Energy Reactor Regulator Parts kit is a comprehensive parts kit to repair any and all of the Pure Energy Nitrogen tank regulators. It includes o-rings, screws, and a brass valve pin. Everything you need to maintain your compressed air tank regulator.


  • 1 each Pin Valve Spring
  • 1 each Brass Pin Valve with Seal
  • 1 each 006 Teflon O-ring
  • 1 each Bottle O-ring
  • 1 each 012-90 Urethane O-Ring
  • 1 each 008-90 Urethane O-ring
  • 1 each 006-90 Urethane O-ring
  • 2 each 10-32 Set Screws

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