Proto Thermal Paintball Goggle Lens - Chrome Mirror

Proto Thermal Paintball Goggle Lens - Chrome Mirror PROTO-THERMAL-PAINTBALL-GOGGLE-LENSE-CHROME-MIRROR_1
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With all the same features as the Single Pane Lenses, our Thermal lens includes a dual layer to help reduce fogging. Lens fog is caused by air inside your mask being hotter than the air outside your mask. By adding a second lens layer, we create a buffer so the temperature around your lens is more even, there by reducing fogging and allowing you to play with clearer vision. Our thermal lenses also include an anti-fog coating to help further reduce fogging.


  • Dual Pane Thermal Lens
  • Gives the player the ultimate vertical and horizontal peripheral vision.
  • All Proto lenses have perfect optical clarity, setting an improved standard in visual performance.
  • This lens will fit the Proto Switch, Proto Axis, & Proto E.L. Goggles

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