Planet Eclipse Ego / Etek .50 Caliber Conversion Kit

Planet Eclipse Ego / Etek .50 Caliber Conversion Kit PLANET-ECLIPSE-EGO-ETEK-50-CAL-CONVERSION-KIT_1
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Planet Eclipse releases the first full .50 cal conversion kit for Egos and Etek paintball guns. If you want to convert your current Eclipse Paintball marker to shoot .50 cal paintballs without buying a new gun then this kit if just what your looking for. The all new .50 caliber drop in kits fit Ego7, Ego8, Ego9, Ego10, and all Etek paintball guns. No need to spend a ton of money on a new gun to try out the new size paintball. Just buy a kit and attach it to your currently owned Eclipse gun.


  • Shoots .50 caliber Paintballs
  • Fits Ego7, Ego8, Ego9, Ego10, Etek, Etek2, and Etek3 Paintball Guns
  • Drop in Kit Easy Installation

Conversion Kit Includes:

  • 2 Piece .50 Caliber barrel
  • Bolt
  • Breech Insert
  • Feed Insert
  • Feed Neck
  • Detents

*Dont forget to pick up some .50 caliber paint.

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