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PMI/RPS Premium Paintballs - 2000 Rounds


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Manufactured by RPS exclusively for PMI, Premium has set the standard for field level paintballs. Premium exhibits qualities you would expect to find in many other tournament grade paintballs. The Premiums are consistently very round, offer a wide variety of bright shells and thick fill colors, and offer excellent accuracy. Premium paintballs work well in any style of marker.

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by Anonymous on August 8, 2009

shot 2 cases in my ego no breaks shot about 50 in a brass eagle 1 break in the barrel i guess that means its pretty good paint aha this is the best practice paint ever

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by Keith on May 6, 2008

Great paint. Shoots straight and break fairly easy. My friend broke quite a few of these with his Promaster, but they shot great in my Epiphany.

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by Anonymous on March 7, 2008

Me and my brother use this paint, and it's good. The balls are almost always accurate and break on contact. The gooie fill left on peoples faces look sick, especially in the GREEN fill!!

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by Anonymous on January 21, 2007

thses paintballs work great in about any gun.they are sweet!!!!!!!

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by Anonymous on February 6, 2007

work great in any gun, almost never dented and they dont break in your barrel........ever.

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