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We are very excited to announce the release of the New Designz Luxe Firing can. After many months of testing and design the engineers at NDZ have released what we feel will be one of the most popular Luxe upgrades available.

To start one of the coolest things about this can is that it is a 2 piece design and it unscrews apart in the center of the can. This is an amazing feature for maintenance on a Luxe since we all know the center o-ring in the can is the most important one to maintain and keep greased at all times. If you ever had to replace the center o-ring in the can then you know how hard it is to get that o-ring in and out. Its very hard to change that o-ring and the New Designz Luxe Can makes it a very simple process for any paintball player.

Here is what the Engineers at NDZ had to say. "We completed testing on the new Firing can for the Luxe. Testing went Extremely well. We were able to gain 15 to 25 fps with our can compared to the stock can. This enables the user to lower his pressure and or dwell and this will give Smoother operation and better consistency. The Stock can was +- 7 fps ours tested at +-3 fps. We also increased the Air efficiency. After testing a 68ci Compressed air tank we were getting anywhere from 100-200 more shots per tank depending on how your gun is set.”


  • Improved shot count, 100+ shots from a 68/4500 tank
  • shot to shot consistency has been improved
  • Open can design allows for the larger air volume capacity while reducing weight
  • Our 2 piece firing can design offers easy internal o-ring replacement
  • 50% less internal friction over stock design. Stock bolt to firing can breakaway friction is slightly over 4#'s, NDZ can is right around 2#''s
  • Allows lowering your input pressure and or dwell
  • Lower pressure is easier on paint

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Noticed very little difference maybe just a little less sticky if you have this problem with your bolt it helps a little bit.
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