New Designz Shocker NXT / SFT Standard Low Pressure Bolt Kit - Black

New Designz Shocker NXT / SFT Standard Low Pressure Bolt Kit - Black NEW-DESIGNZ-SHOCKER-NXT-STANDARD-BOLT-KIT-BLACK_1
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Simply put, this bolt rocks. The smoothest, lowest pressure, less kick, bolt kit that you will find.. Anywhere !!! Expect shot counts ranging from 1100 to 1300+ shots using a 68/4500 psi tank. Our refined high performance kit greatly enhances airflow while reducing o-ring friction. Heck, its even an officially licensed product.

NDZ NXT / SFT Bolt Kit Features:

  • engineered design for high efficiency operation
  • improved shot count
  • allows lower input pressures
  • ultra flow aluminum bolt that's now even lighter and takes up LESS internal volume for lower input pressures
  • helps eliminates first shot drop off (FSDO) by reducing friction
  • ultra smooth operation using low o-ring friction and very smooth surface finishes
  • increases R.O.F.
  • includes rear bumper

*This bolt kit will work on all NXT Shocker bodies and any open bodies as well.

Customer Reviews

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I can't believe how much better this NDZ bolt is compared to the stock HE bolt. The SmartPrts HE bolt is very good, but I was suffering really bad FSDO and tried everything to fix it and nothing worked...until I bought this bolt! - THIS BOLT FIXED IT! - IT IS AMAZING! - It's also very efficient. It's so good I bought 2 more for my other backup guns! - It performs everything NDZ claims it can do. - BUY THIS BOLT! You won't regret it.
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New Designz is a excellent company. This bolt kit is much a better buy than the HE kit from SP, and is much cheaper. I'm currently getting (Optimal Settings), 8 pods off my '06 Shocker with a 45 / 4500 Crossfire tank.
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