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New Designz NXT Shocker Slik Roller Trigger - Black Dust


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Destined to be the fastest NXT roller trigger. This trigger has 4 point adjustments, all of which are made from the trigger face. No tearing down your grip to adjust the trigger.

New Designz NXT Shocker Trigger Features:

  • Fully adjustable switch contact , pre/ post travel along with spring tension
  • all adjustments are made from the trigger face
  • dual roller bearing design for no side to side wobble
  • packaged with allen key
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue, and Silver
    • *Fits NXT Shockers only! Stock trigger needed for the spring screw, which needs to be swapped over.

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by Anonymous on July 16, 2007

it works great its a must

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by Anonymous on July 18, 2008

A lot better and smoother than the stock trigger.

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