NXe 4+3+2 Pro Plus Pack

NXe 4+3+2 Pro Plus Pack NX-TP43_1
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The NXe Pro Pak and NXe Pro Pak Plus were built by professional tournament players for the most extreme conditions imaginable, and were designed for three main goals: comfort, ease of use and performance

Some of the unique components of these paks include, 'the friction-reduced pod ejection system,' which is constructed where the full interior of the pod holders are lined with a polyurethane sheet to greatly reduce friction and allow the pods to eject easily from the harness. A non-slip friction pad is also used on the elastic ejection system. When the pods are released from the harnesses, this unique feature forces pressure directly onto the center of the end of the pods, forcing them to eject out smoothly.

Also incorporated in these paks, is a true 'Body Wrap' design, which includes a non-slip friction pad to better secure the harnesses and eliminate movement of the pak during play. The S2 Technology incorporates a series of unique features that are cutting edge and will truly separate the harnesses from all others.

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its fits real tight but it doesn't hold the pods in tight so all my pods fell out
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