Machine Vapor Marker - Red / Clear

Machine Vapor Marker - Red / Clear MACHINE-VAPOR-RED-CLEAR_1
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A highly engineered paintball marker for today's serious competitor. Milled from a solid block of 6000 series Aluminum, hours of machine time go into producing this amazing looking Machine.

Super quick bolt out back system, at the push of a button the bolt slides out. Tool-less latching eye covers make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. With all the different loaders sizes out there, the new style clamping feed neck allows for a snug fit every time. 5-piece barrel kit and OLED control board gives you all the options for a days play.


  • One size fits all integrated clamping feed neck
  • Tool-less fast strip bolt system
  • Magnetic latch eye covers
  • Hopper ready feed neck and electronics
  • OLED control board with all major firing modes
  • 5-piece barrel kit
  • Cam driven venting ASA
  • Hose-free design

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