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Kila Ball Detent Impulse/ Shocker Vision Set - Black


Your Price $44.95
Reduce ball breakage and have the ability to adjust how much force the detent puts on the paintball. Save money from not having to buy replacement detents on a monthly basis!

Set includes both vision and non-vision side magnetic detents.
Available colors: Black, Red, Blue, Silver

Features include:
  • Adjustable force control
  • Blowout-proof piston
  • Ultra-glide action
  • Low friction Delrin piston for less ball spin
  • Rebuildable assembly

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by Anonymous on June 6, 2005

Uhhh... what's "ball breaking"?. These detents are awesome, so much adjustability and you never have to worry about breaking any balls in the chambre ever again. Wow... Simply... Wow...

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by Anonymous on May 11, 2005

Best ball dents hands down. Worth the extra money!

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by Anonymous on January 18, 2010

Very good detents. Wouldnt change them for $100. Well maybe i would and buy 2 more sets. =) Very nice.

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