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J&J Ceramic Tippmann C98 Paintball Barrel - 14 inch


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The J&J Ceramic barrel is an excellent choice for upgrading the performance of your paintball marker. The J&J Ceramic is actually an aluminum paintball barrel with a special ceramic and teflon coating to give it a super-slick low-friction surface. While the ceramic is being applied, teflon is injected into the pores of the aluminum, resulting in the slickest, yet very durable surface in the world.


  • Made from 6061 T6 aluminum then CNC machined to the highest quality standards in the industry
  • Ceramic coating and teflon impregnation reduced the friction rate to a minimum, while inducing a self cleaning method. This means that if you break paint in the middle of a game, you can shoot right through it without even using a squeegee!

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by Anonymous on February 7, 2010

excellent barrel, ive been usin it on my 98 that i turned into and a5, and im shootin pretty dang straight

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