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JT Tactical Paintball Gun Ready to Play Player Kit R2P RTP

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Product Information:
The JT Tactical looks like its straight off the battlefield. Includes a Free Rookie Player Pass for free entry to participating paintball fields. The authentic look includes a raised sight rail, adjustable stock, barrel shroud with front sight and a removable magazine.  And its is not just for show- this marker shoots accurately and consistently.  The Tactical marker kit is available as a Ready 2 Play package, containing everything needed to go play paintball.  Marker, Raptor goggle, CO2, paintballs, and hopper are all included, so all you need to do is to go out and play.  The JT Tactical marker battlefield looks, paintball field ready.


Marker Features:

  • Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
  • Aluminum construction for durability
  • Raised sight rail / Carry handle
  • Multi-Position Adjustable Stock
  • Works with CO2 or Compressed Air

RTP Kit Includes:

  • Tactical Semi Auto Marker
  • JT Raptor Goggle
  • 200 Count Loader and 50 Paintballs
  • 90 gram CO2 Tank and Adaptor
  • Squeegee, Barrel Plug, Spare Parts
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