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JT Splatmaster Z200 Shotgun 2 Player Competition Package - Red


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JT Splatmaster z200 Two Player Competition Package

Who doesn’t like a little competition? Time to grab a buddy or even your family member and challenge them to a one on one competition! Get off the couch, put down your video games and play the real thing. Grab a friend and challenge them to a JT SplatMaster battle with the z200 Two Player Competition Package. This has everything you need to play against a friend outdoors in your own back yard.

Package Includes:

  • Two (2) JT SplatMaster z200 Shotguns
  • Two (2) JT SplatMaster Optix Goggles
  • Two (2) JT SplatMaster Optix Goggle Upgrades
  • One (1) JT SplatMaster 200 Count Ammo Container

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