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Halo-B Belt Driven Loader with Rip Drive - Black


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Tired of your Halo batteries running out in of a game? Want to play on but can't? Then you need the Halo with the Rip Drive. The Halo you know and love with all the following features, plus the Rip Drive! True Force Feed: The HALO B is unlike any paintball loader ever designed. It is a true force feed loader that keeps tension on the ball stack . This allows the HALO to actually accelerate (faster than the gravity limitations other loaders have) balls via spring tension into the marker. It also prevents the marker from disturbing the ball stack with blow back pressure. Computerized pre-feeding: The HALO's built in computer monitors the motion of the ball stack, feeding when motion is detected. This ensures that a gap in feeding never occurs (unlike other loaders which use their sensing system to actually detect a gap - meaning a gap is REQUIRED before they feed more balls - creating a design limitation). Spring Tension: Halo's feed system uses a drive spring. This spring is used to store the energy that is used to tension the ball stack, and accelerate ball feeding. The computer controller and motor are used to keep tension in the spring - the spring does the actual pushing of the ball stack. Sensor Limitations (Black Paint): The Halo's sensor system works by detecting motion of the ball stack using infrared technology. Some black shelled paints are infrared absorbing so that HALO has difficulty detecting them. Because of this, we do not recommend you use black shelled paint (or half black shell paint) with the HALO. All other colors work fine (including dark blue, purple, etc).

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by Anonymous on June 20, 2006

good hopper, I needed to buy a different feedneck for my ion so it would fit, but other than that pretty nice. I would get the ccm feedneck if u have an ion and want to get this hopper. so order it...............NOW!

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by Anonymous on May 4, 2006

i just got mys 2 days ago and when i put this with my imp with a w.a.s and it was so fast so u should get one!!!!!!

Was this review helpful?

by Anonymous on April 14, 2006

jst bought one with a cheta board and its fast ass hell i used it on my nerv w/ a pred board and i impress all my frineds best hopper out there buy one now!!!!!!

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by Anonymous on March 30, 2012

so fast so cheap

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by patrick on April 27, 2009

awesome hopper, nothing better,this is a must buy

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by Anonymous on May 5, 2007

I just got this and its is so fast i had to get a new feed neck tbough but still amzing

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by Anonymous on December 5, 2006

definitely a great hopper that is really fast!! it keeps up with my t-boarded ion pretty good. the highest i can hit with this hopper is about 25 balls per second when the batteries are fresh. with the V35 upgrade, i can get 36, 37 balls per second with my ION! pCe

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by Anonymous on July 25, 2006

it is the fastest loader ive seen

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by Anonymous on January 1, 2005

one of the fastest and coolest hoppers i have ever had!

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by Anonymous on November 17, 2005

fastest loader i've ever had and it looks cool

Was this review helpful?

by John on April 5, 2005

This hopper is soooo fast. Its a must have for any semi-serious paintballer

Was this review helpful?

by Anonymous on July 24, 2006

fastest loader ive ever seen get one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was this review helpful?

by Anonymous on November 24, 2005

great hopper!!! super fast can keep up w/just about anything u hook it up to.

Was this review helpful?

by Anonymous on May 13, 2007

i like eggs!!!!!

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