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Gen X Global 140 Round Pod - Metallic Blue


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The Gen X Global pods have intergrated positive locking flip top lids. Gen X Pods hold 140 paintballs and are designed to fit any standard harness.

Gen X Global Pod Features:

  • 140 round capacity
  • Durable lightweight plastic with flip top lids
  • Available in a large variety of colors

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by Anonymous on May 15, 2008

these pods are great! i have never had any problems with them, and i have played a lot and use them evey time. One of my friends was out of paint and i threw him a pod from like 10-15 yards away like this in one of my games and he dropped it. the pod didnt crack or pop open. these are outstanding, and durable

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by Anonymous on December 27, 2007

these kick ass! most reliable pods i have ever owned

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