Gen X Global 1000 Round Paintball Ball Hauler - Black

Gen X Global 1000 Round Paintball Ball Hauler - Black GEN-X-GLOBAL-1000-ROUND-PAINTBALL-HAULER-BLACK_1
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The Gen X Global Paintball Hauler Caddy loads paintballs into your hopper or pods easier and with less mess. Holds up to 1000 paintballs and also stores paintballs.


  • Large pour spout
  • Heavy Duty grip handle

The average player spills between 100-300 paintballs each time he or she plays (pouring from the plastic bag to the pods or hopper or just dropping the bag.) The average paintball costs 2 -5 cents per ball. After using the Paintball Ball Hauler just 3 to 5 times it more than pays for itself. You’ll save money every time you play. It is also the perfect storage container. At the end of the day just pour any left over paintballs back into the Paintball Ball Hauler for the next time you play.

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