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GOG Paintball 360 QEV - eXTCy


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GOG Paintball 360 QEV Upgrade

Fits all GoG Paintball Guns including the eNVy, eXTCy, and the G1

This Qev is by far the best of all of the available Ion Qevs on the market. It is rated as one of the Top 10 upgrades you can do to a Ion paintball Marker. It is the only Quick Exhaust Valve that swivels 360 degrees for installation at any angle. The 360 QEV also increases cycle rates and shots per tank, while decreasing dwell and input pressure. It does not require any modifications to your gun upon installation. The best thing about it is its a factory made upgrade by Smart Parts who also manufacturers the Ion paintball gun. Since they manufacture this Qev installation of this upgrade will not affect your manufactures warranty in any way.


  • Higher Bolt Speed
  • More Air Efficiency
  • Lower Dwell
  • Shorter Cycle Time
  • Higher Rate of Fire
  • Does not require any body modifications on install

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