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Extreme Rage 200rd. Hopper - Black


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by Anonymous on December 3, 2006

I hope no one takes these people seriously and buys one of these if u have an electric marker. This is great for woodsball, about it tho.

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by Anonymous on January 8, 2007

People, I really don't think a 7.99 loader is any faster than a 100+ one. You should check out if you forgot to put on your contact lenses... Besides that I think its a good hopper for beginners and/or some kind of test with low budget...

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by Anonymous on October 18, 2009

these hoppers are not as good as an eletric one dont buy these

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by mike on June 20, 2007

it keeps up with cheap guns good like my spyder its cheap which is another bonus and it does look pretty sexy. only problem is it sometimes jams a little bit.

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by Anonymous on February 13, 2006

I have an extreme rage loader on my angel and it has done an oustanding job. The faster I shoot the faster it feeds. I use to have a Halo on my Angel, but it couldn't feed the balls fast enough;therefore, I suggest the extreme rage loader.

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by Anonymous on May 24, 2006

this thing fires so fast its unbelievable. I thought gravity wasnt as fast but i was wrong. this thing rips

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