Empire Shockwave Marker Board

Empire Shockwave Marker Board EMPIRE-SHOCKWAVE-MARKER-BOARD_1
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Stock factory board used on Empire Axe and Empire Mini markers
Available as a replacement part for Axe and Mini


  1. Break Beam Eye System
  2. Trigger Pull Indication
  3. Tournament Lock
  4. Four Programmable Firing Modes
    • NPPL/Semi-Auto
    • PSP/Burst
    • Millenium/Ramping
    • Full Auto
  5. Programmable Functions:
    • Max Rate Of Fire (ROF)
    • Dwell Setting
    • Trigger De-Bounce
    • Ball in Place Delay
    • Ramp Start
    • Ramp Sustain
  6. Factory Reset
  7. Auto Shutoff

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