Empire Prophecy Z2 LE Paintball Loader - White

Empire Prophecy Z2 LE Paintball Loader - White EMPIRE-PROPHECY-Z2-LE-PAINTBALL-LOADER-WHITE_1
Empire Prophecy Z2 LE Paintball Loader - White EMPIRE-PROPHECY-Z2-LE-PAINTBALL-LOADER-WHITE_2
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The Empire Prophecy tradition continues with the release of the Empire Prophecy Z2 Limited Edition Loader - White. The Empire Prophecy Z2 Limited Edition Loader - White continually monitors drive force, rate of fire, and it automatically clears a jam before you have a chance to miss that perfect shot. In the blink of an eye, the Prophecy Z2 Limited Edition will have performed more proactive measures than any other loader ever created. It’s the most advanced, easiest to use feeding system ever designed. Made of super strong-reinforced composites combined with its ultra-lightweight design and low profile, the Z2 will supercharge every player’s game.

• No Tools needed for assembly and disassemble
• Sound Activated force feeding
• Infrared sensors provide automatic ball jam clearance
• Low profile and lightweight
• Redesigned drive carrier for consistent and faster feeding
• Integrated one-piece feed neck for durability
• Simple ON/OFF toggle switch
• Includes built-in Rip Drive™ System
• Push button Forward and Reverse buttons
• Shoots Reballs consistently
• RF (Radio Frequency) Upgradeable
• Capacity-approximately 200 paintballs
• Limited Edition White Color

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