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Empire Halo Freeway Anti-Jam


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  • Fits all Halo B, Halo V35, Reloader B, Reloader B2 and Magna drive loaders
  • Superior performance with paint and Reballs
  • Faster and more consistent feeding
  • Significantly reduced jams with bad paint, Reballs, or low batteries
  • Designed for use with and approved by the manufacturer of Reballs
  • Replaces both of the old spring and bead anti jams systems
  • Easy drop in replacement
  • Allows you to set the Magna clutch to be even more gentle for brittle paint
  • Used by top tournament teams

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by Anonymous on October 13, 2008

I guess it seems to feed better, but I still got 2 jams after install..

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by Anonymous on November 6, 2008

i love it. realy good for high speed loaders. gets rid of the ball and spring.

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by Jonathan on October 29, 2008

Very easy to install, and definitely eliminates popcorn effect. First day I Owned the halo v35 i broke paint in the hopper when I was shooting in my backyard due to popcorning. No jams here.

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by Anonymous on September 20, 2008

finally a better system that replaces the beads and spring. no jams

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