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Empire BT-4 Combat Slice Paintball Gun - Black


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Compares to Tippmann Custom 98 Ultra Basic

·      The Slice shell design allows tool-less disassembly for quick & easy maintenance VS M98 which has to be full taken apart

·      The Slice has full Picatinny rails on top and bottom VS. M98 only has a top rail

·      The Slice foregrip can be positioned anywhere on the bottom Picatinny rail VS M98 is fixed

·      The Slice is threaded to accept the BT4/TipA5 thread barrels VS M98 has its own threading which limits options

·      The feedneck has a clamping elbow with thumb clamp VS. M98 requires a tool

·      The Slice offers a separate grip frame VS. M98 frame that is fixed

·      The Slice’s ball detent is reversible to last twice as long VS M98’s is not

·      T-Handle Cocking design allows for fully enclosed internals VS. M98 is side cocking and the hole allows debris to enter the internals


New for 2012 the game has been changed forever, The BT-4 Slice Combat is a new redesigned BT-4 Combat that still retains all the great features from the previous model but now update to some new major features and designed look. One of the new major features is the new tool-less field strippable design as one pin allows the marker to fully serviced without having to have a tool kit handy, this will make maintaining or fixing the marker fast and easy. The T-Cocking handle mimics the cocking mechanics in M16/M4 rifles giving it a more realistic appearance while more practical then a side cocking handle that can allow dirt or debris to enter into the gun that causes leaks and jamming issues. Redesigned Trigger Guard accommodates players using gloves while they play so it doesn't feel bulky or uncomfortable. With these new features, the some old ones remain as it's high reliability being able to take on the punishment in the woods and pre-equipped fore grip allows the gun to be comfortably held while gunning down the competition. Pick up the new BT-4 Slice Combat and get a gun that will work in all conditions on the field and can be easily fixed or serviced while you wait for the next game at the field.


  • Tool-Less disassembly as this will make maintaining and fixing the Combat easy and fast
  • Rear T-Cocking handle gives a more milsim look to the gun and prevents dirt or debris from entering the marker
  • Redesigned Trigger Guard allows the marker to be held more comfortably with gloves
  • Dual Picatinny/Weaver mount for your weaver tactical attachments 
  • Compatible with both Co2 & HPA tanks
  • Perfect beginner marker for ease of use and maintenance
  • Pre-equipped fore grip makes handling the marker more comfortable and helps you make accurate shots
  • A5/X7 Threaded Barrel

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