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EZ-Turn On/Off, Micro-Rail Combo w/Air Bleed-Off - Black


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Similiar to its big brother, the ultralight. These also feature an air-bleed and are coupled with the NDZ Micro Rail Ball-Loc system mount. These are light, purely functional and look great. The best part is they bleed down your marker when you back off the knob. Hey, no more shooting down your marker to remove the excess pressure and or breaking o-rings during bottle removal.

  • Built in air bleed, no more shooting down and no more broken o-rings when removing your tank
  • Includes our removable Mico Rail
  • Our combo weighs less than most On/ Off's. Only 71.6gr!!
  • Custom milled body and knob for great looks and function
  • Includes extra o-ring, pipe plug and mounting hardware
  • Universal dovetails used on the Rail and On/Off
Available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue

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by Julian on May 16, 2006

Very light weight, cool design ... maybe the perfect ON/OFF. Respect NDZ !

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by Anonymous on April 4, 2006

its ok, screws to mount on off strip easily

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by Anonymous on January 4, 2005

its alright go with a cp

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by Anonymous on June 9, 2007

Amazing got one for my nerve. just use lock tight so it dosnt come loose thats it. cp is only good for regulators.

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by Anonymous on November 2, 2005

Great uni. dont go with cp. my cp broke and i got this one if this was out of 10 it would be a ten. can get loose. so tighten it alot

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by David on January 25, 2009

I've had it for over 3 years on my Shocker never had any problems with it. Highly recommended.

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by Anonymous on March 5, 2005

this is a great uni type drop that is super easy to get on and off. Really easy to twist and air up or degas the marker. Another A+ product from NDZ

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