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Dye Throttle Carbon Fiber Compressed Air Tank - 48/4500 - Black


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The Dye Throttle 48cui and 4500psi gives your marker the sufficient amount of air to operate with it's high flow rate from the Throttle Regulator and light weight tank. The Throttle regulator out puts at 800psi which will operate both mechanical and electronic pneumatic guns without suffering from low suffocating flow rates that other regs can suffer from. The 48cui size tank that is able to hold 4500psi holds a great amount of air that you can roughly get (depending on the gun) about 800-1000 shots. Pick the Dye Throttle tank if you want a great size tank that will keep up with high rates of fire!


  • Light weight Carbon Fibre Tank
  • 48cui 4500psi
  • High Output flow rate Dye Throttle Regulator
  • Output Pressure 800psi
  • Clear Wrap Finish
  • 5 Year Hydro
  • New ISO 1119-2 certification, TC and DOT Stamp
  • Filtered Fill Nipple
  • Fill Nipple Dust Cover

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