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Dye DM14 Paintball Gun w/Free I4 Goggle - Ironmen XX Edition Black


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Born in 1994 with one product and an athlete’s vision, DYE Precision, founded by Dave Youngblood, has grown and evolved over the past 20 years into an industry leading company with production, design, development, manufacturing and distribution facilities in 8 countries, on 3 continents. Though in the beginning it was one man and a mission, DYE quickly evolved into an industry leader because it created products, developed by professionals, that people wanted to use. The best teams in paintball were soon wearing and shooting DYE products because they wanted to win, and they needed the best to make their paintball dreams a reality. The championships came and the product line expanded, but the principles behind the product have, and always will, remain the same. Through trial and error, and tremendous amounts of work behind the scenes, DYE enlisted mechanical and materials engineers, with guidance from graphic designers, and massive input from casual players to the hardest of the hardcore professionals, to polish our designs over the years, creating the product line we now stand behind.  Our global headquarters in San Diego connects all these different creative assets with cutting edge technologies creating a refined style, resulting in superior product for players of all levels. Today, the Matrix line of Markers is the pinnacle of performance and the XX Anniversary DM14 is resetting that standard.

XX Anniversary Marker features-

·         CF CUSTOM COLORED BOOMSTICK barrel Kit- .684, .688, and .692

·         BILLY WING DM14 Bolt kit- Hand Polished and MILITARY Grade HARD ANODIZED Surface finish.

·         20 Year Anniversary ULTRALITE - Contrast cut Milling

·         20 Year Anniversary Contrast Cut 2 Stage PGA anodizing

·         20 Year Anniversary Collector’s Edition Packaging.

·         20 Year Anniversary Acid Etched XX

·         20 Year Anniversary Bolt Cap with Logo and Milling.

Other items included: Dye MULTI TOOL, Barrel sock, Slick lube, 9v battery, and parts kit.

Excellence is in our DNA, we strove at every turn during our 20-year history to inject Dye’s products with a style and functionality that makes our products game changers; we want them to be both workhorses and works of art. From the very beginning, the idea behind DYE was to make extraordinary products through extraordinary effort, in order to create usable tools that transcend appearances, because ultimately it’s about what works in the real world. Our products are created to magnify the on-field experience, to make pure and potent paintball experiences possible.    Dye has brought its creative might to bear to solve many problems facing players during its evolution so our customers can have the best experience possible out on the field. We’re proud our full line of products has been used by every type of paintball player all over the world, from first day recreational walk-ons, tactical fanatics, to dominant World Champions.

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