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Dye 2013 Ultralite Paintball Jersey - Gray


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A paintball jersey that actually improves your game, the Dye Ultralite™ Jersey can do that for you. Athletes need performance gear. They need equipment that’s going to speed them up, not slow them down. These jerseys were made with the athlete in mind, providing a near weightless feel infused with extreme durability, unparalleled flexibility, and style you can wear with pride. To the player who has speed in mind, the player that wants to win, the player that takes all means necessary to get that extra inch on their opponent, the Dye Ultralite™ Jersey was made for you.

- 33% Lighter than Core series jerseys. Weight: 0.56 lbs
- 4 way stretch fabric used throughout the jersey
- 3D Ultralite™ Dyetack™
- Color accented piping
- Custom embossed fabric pattern
- Minimal cuff enclosures
- Dual thumb holes
- Prevent underarm venting

Available in XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL


4 Stretch - Utilizing the incredibly flexible and durable properties of
innovative fabrics, Dye’s engineers have developed playing gear
that can reduce your profile without restricting movement. Fabric
that can stretch in all four directions with ease, which means no
matter what angle or position you are in your gear isn’t going to
hold you back.

DyeTac - Utilizing silicone-injected technology, DyeTack™ is an adherent
grip that improves performance. Our patented DyeTack™ material
is placed on a soft layer of Lycra compression, located on the
chest of the jersey. Designed to cling to the back of your tank,
DyeTack steadies your marker and increases accuracy.

Active Performance Fit™ - Get rid of those bulky jerseys with extra padding and extra
bagginess and get something that fits an athlete. Paintball gear
should make you smaller on the field, not make you stick out of
your bunker. Stay alive longer, get to your bunker quicker, and
perform better with Dye’s Active Performance Fit.

Prevent - Our Prevent Breathable Assembly method maximizes airflow
throughout your playing gear, keeping air circulating to keep you
cool. It is designed to disperse the heat away from all parts of
your body. While the Breathable Assembly keeps you cool it also
maintains a barrier between you and the elements.

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