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Derder Bring Out Your Dead Paintball DVD Video


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The learning curve jumps yet again as players from both leagues step up their game and give chase to the teams that have been dominating the pro paintball circuit. New rivals emerge as teams like Aftermath, Infamous and Damage claim victory at national events. Dynasty gets their first NXL victory and Todd Martinez takes down the field at the MAO. The Ironmen nearly win BOTH series titles, and prove to be an unstoppable force at World Cup. For some, the competition is still their life, and defeat is not an option. For others, they're dead before they step onto the field. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD.


  • Behind the scene interviews with Dynasty, Ironmen, Philly Americans, X-factor, Infamous, and Aftermath.
  • Coverage from PSP events: Phoenix, MAO, Chicago and World Cup
  • Coverage from NPPL events: Huntington Beach, Jacksonville, Buffalo and San Diego
  • Soundtrack provided by Victory Records (Taking Back Sunday, The Audition, Thursday, Aiden etc)
  • ALL NEW SHORT BUS Episode starring Todd Martinez, Nicky Cuba, Catfish with special guest appearances

Total Run Time: Approximately 90 minutes

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