Custom Products Base Paintball Barrel Kit

Custom Products Base Paintball Barrel Kit CUSTOM-PRODUCTS-BASE-BARREL-KIT_1
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This is a great Custom Products Barrel Kit. You get a complete barrel kit for a fraction of the price of other Barrel Kits. The CP barrel kit includes 3 different size bore backs so you can fit any type of size of paint. This is the reason behind the Custom Products barrel kits; to give you the best accuracy, consistency and efficiency for your gun.

The CP barrel kit also comes with one barrel front. The Custom Products barrel front is available in either 14 or 16 inches with extra fronts available for purchase separate. To get the best possible CP Barrel Kit, you will want to get the right length front for your style of play. If you like to play close and compact, we recommend the 14 inch front. If you have a more tactical style of play and are looking for the best possible accuracy, I would get the CP Barrel Kit with the 16 inch barrel front.

The CP Barrel kit is available in a total of 16 different colors and is available in 7 different threads. The CP barrel kit is a great buy and will get your game on the right track.


  • CP Barrel Kit - 3 Barrel Backs - .685, .689, .693 Bore Sizes
  • CP Barrel Kit - 1 Barrel Tip – choice of 14 or 16"
  • CP Barrel Kit - Barrel case

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