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Critical Paintball UL Raze Trigger for the Dye NT / DM 11 / DM 12 - Black


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Critical Paintball UL Raze Trigger for the Dye NT

The Critical Paintball UL Raze NT trigger will fit:

* Dye NT 10
* Dye NT 11
* Dye DM 11
* Dye DM12

  * Dual Ball Bearing Pivot Point (using ultra smooth high quality bearings)
  * Ultra light weight design
  * Ergonomically correct design
  * Integrated adjustable reverse polarity magnetic return
  * Rounded and smooth edges (fully radiused)
  * Super smooth and very, very fast
  * Four way adjustable trigger, magnet tension, switch activation point via the unique Critical Lever System, rear travel stop, and trigger angle
  * The Critical NT Trigger will adjust using the stock externally adjustable cone set screws or for a greater range of motion you can use the more standard set screws for pre and post travel.  You can also use a combination of the two for superior adjustability.    

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