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Boss Bolt Infamous - Empire Axe w/ Spring Kit V2 Version


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The Infamous Boss Paintball Axe Bolt is the Pro edition of the highly popular boss axe bolt.

Will fit: Dfender, Axe 2.0, Axe, Axe Pro, Mini, Mini GS 



  • Weighs less than half the stock bolt
  • Reduces Kick
  • Quieter sound signature
  • Soft tip for reduced ball breaks
  • Custom colored o-ring Formulated just for the Pro bolts

Recommended starting settings

  • Dwell 3 Milliseconds
  • 150 PSI
  • Short Spring
  • Velocity adjuster 1.5 turns out
  • Medium Spring, Dwell 3.5 milliseconds 150 PSI
  • Long Spring, Dwell 4 milliseconds 150 PSI

For extremely fragile paint use the optional rear bolt o-ring provided w/the dwell at 10 milliseconds, long spring, 150 PSI

Includes 3 piece spring kit

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