BlackStar Slida Barrel Cover - Black

BlackStar Slida Barrel Cover - Black BLACKSTAR-SLIDA-BARREL-COVER-BLACK_1
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Tired of constantly replacing barrel socks? The new Blackstar Slida barrel cover will be the last one you have to purchase. The Blackstar "Slida" molded barrel cover was designed for maximum protection, insane sharp looks and functionality. With all the touchy triggers these days, confidence in a cover is key. It’s design is extremely durable. Made in the U.S.A. out of tough, recyclable materials, it can withstand ANY paintball bombardment. This barrel sock is also a snap to clean. Put the barrel cover under any running water, spray bottle, etc., and you're clean. The Blackstar Slida barrel cover also comes with a nylon adjustable shock cord and lock that runs around the front of the BS Slida for extra strength and confidence. It will out last any barrel sock you have ever purchased

WEIGHT: 3.6 oz. (for all you weaklings that need to know how heavy this is)

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