APE BT TM7 & TM15 Rampage Board

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The Rampage board for the BT and TM7 and TM15 is a direct Drop-In replacement for your existing stock circuit board. Turn your board on, use the selector switch to select the firing mode and go play!

Take your TM7 or TM15 to new levels with the APE Rampage upgrade board. Packed with enough features to ensure preparedness for any level of field or tournament play, this upgrade board comes with our latest Gen 4 code release.

Code includes:

  • Fully Programmable Selector Switch!
  • Associate any firing mode to any three selector switch settings
  • Easy to change
  • Re-Program on the fly!

Software Features:

  • Fully trigger programmable
  • witch on-the-fly firing mode control
  • Our exclusive "Dual Mode" operation (novice/pro)
  • No programming "Hot Start" overrides
  • 4 complete player profiles
  • Tune Assist operation-Rule proof tournament modes
  • Trigger Trainer Mode
  • Automatic Eye Fault BPS override logic
  • Manual Eye On/Off Control-Forced Shot operation
  • 12 Breakout Modes

Hardware Features:

  • Ultra bright multi-color LED
  • 3-stage Battery Level indicator
  • Audio speaker for feedback and alerts

8 Base Firing Modes:

  • Semi-Burst mode
  • Reactive Mode
  • Full Auto-User Defined Ramping
  • PSP3-NXL-Millennium

Programmable Adjustments:

  • Eyes On BPS
  • Eyes Off BPS
  • BPS Fine tune
  • Capped Firing Enable/Disable
  • Trigger Leading Edge Bebounce
  • Trigger Trailing Edge Debounce
  • Trigger Filtering (AMB)
  • Audio Enable/Disable
  • Eye Mode-Breech Delay
  • ABS Dwell-ABS Reset Time
  • Solenoid Dwell-Bolt Return Delay
  • User ramping adjustments (5)
  • Burst rounds-Reactive rounds
  • Breakout Mode
  • Tournament Mode-Group Firing Mode enabler (2)
  • Auto shut-off timer

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