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32 Degrees Tiger Battle Swab - Green (Discontinued)


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Sorry this item is NOT FOR SALE it is no longer manufactured. This item has been added to our paintball graveyard only for you to view old products that were once made for paintball. You can NOT purchase this item. It will not be shipped.

Features soft absorbent material attached to wooden rods that won't scratch your barrell. Fold in half to be tucked into pockets or pouches.

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by Anonymous on February 15, 2011


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by Anonymous on January 6, 2008

this squeegie is sweet im not going to say all that crap about my game mentally and physically. but this squeegie is good and is deffinately worth more then 5 dollars

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by Anonymous on April 4, 2007

LOL! ur an idiot.....learn to spell... ANYWAYS! this is a good swab, doesnt fall apart in your barrel and doesnt leave that paint film we all hate.

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by Anonymous on February 15, 2006

This squeegie is wicked. I use to have a $7.99 squeegie, but it couldn't perform to my expectations so I bought the 32 degree tiger battle swap. Ever since I bought this squeegie I sea improvement in my game not only physically, but mintally as well.

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