16 oz Extreme Rage Aluminum Co2 Paintball Tank w/Pin Valve

16 oz Extreme Rage Aluminum Co2 Paintball Tank w/Pin Valve   16-OZ-EXTREME-RAGE-ALUMINUM-CO2-TANK_1
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If Safety is most important to you then the choice should be easy when selecting a CO2 tank. Extreme rage is competitively priced and their tanks are designed with SAFETY as a top priority.

The Extreme Rage 16 ounce CO2 paintball tank with pin valve offers a slightly smaller tank than the standard 20oz. Extreme Rage offers superior quality with safety being its primary feature. Go with a brand name like Extreme Rage and your guaranteed high quality and the highest level of safety.


  • Lightweight Aluminum Tank
  • High Quality Brass Pin Valve
  • Safety Features Listed Directly on Tank Label
  • Hydro Test Date Posted on Label

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This 16oz tank is perfect for use with a Soda Stick. Just screw the Soda Stick onto the tank and start carbonating. You can get yourself a bag of Dr. Pepper syrup for $65 - enough to make 320 drinks. Two of these tanks full of co2 are sufficient to carbonate those 320 drinks - with co2 to spare. That's 53 six-packs which are normally priced at $3.50 - $3.75 on the supermarket shelf. That's a pretty good little savings going on there. Soda Sticks are available at FizzGiz dot com.
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