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Paintball Marker Lifetime Warranty





We keep our warranty simple. We will be good to you as long as you are good to us. We want to help the Paintball community with this warranty.  We appreciate our customers and want to show that we stand behind you beyond the purchase of your paintball Gun.  

A few notes on this warranty. 


*Guns Eligible for this Warranty*

- Guns that are purchased without discount for over $1,000. 

* Things that are not covered*

- Water damage 

- Excessive wear. EX: Throwing, dropping or abuse.

- Cosmetic Damage or Ano wear. 

- Guns that were discounted or sold below original price.  

*Process of Warranty*

1.  Contact us via email, or phone to recieve your warranty return instructions.  (Owner of marker is responsible for shipping both ways, and insurance if desired)

2.  We evaluate the marker to make sure the gun qualifies for our Lifetime Warranty under the above conditions.  

3.  After evaluation we will make the appropriate repairs and contact the owner with return shipping information. 


** We reserve the right to make a decision to refuse warranty repair on any marker, for any reason. We are not here to scam people, but there are those out there who try to scam us.**



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