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Guerrilla Air HPA Tanks

Guerrilla Air Compressed air tanks are a great value in the compressed air market. Guerrilla air tanks represent a complete line up for all your paintball tank needs. They have focused on not only providing standard sizes but also some unique sizes such as 13ci/62ci/50ci.

Guerrilla's Pro 3000 psi tanks are unique to the industry because they give the same shape as a traditional carbon fiber wrapped tank, but are actually 100% aluminum. This allows them to be almost the same price as traditional steel tanks, yet be nearly as light weight as carbon fiber versions. This is an excellent compromise in weight versus cost and a unique product to the Guerrilla line up.

The Myth regulator that comes on the Guerrilla tank is the shortest in overall length of any screw in type regulator.  This allows light weight and compact over all size. Again with the Pro series 3000psi tanks it allows a smaller and lighter 3000psi than any other on the market in the same capacity.

The regulators come with an industry standard burst disk for the tank pressure and the output pressure assuring maximum safety. The compact gauge displays tank pressure and the stainless fill nipples allow for long life.

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