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Crossfire HPA Tanks

Crossfire HPA Tanks
Crossfire is one of the original producers of the screw in style compressed air system. While they where not the first they where one of the most popular when the industry turned from manifold mounted systems to screw in style. Their durability and craftsmanship are legendary, and if you talk to most guys that have been competitively playing for a few years, they have all owned at least one.

Crossfire has continually developed their regulator to be one of the simplest, durable and lightest on the market. The regulator system used on all crossfire hpa tanks is completely rebuidable, and very simple to service. The current generation of Crossfire regulator is their most light weight to date, and also uses the least number of pieces in its construction. This simple design allows for high flow rate and consistency while reducing the number of potential wear and failure points, meaning the crossfire paintball tank will be very reliable.

The regulator has industry standard burst disks on both the output and tank pressure to prevent over pressurization of both the paintball gun and the bottle.

The Crossfire company is based in Michigan, and produces its products in the USA. Crossfire itself has great pride in their quality control procedures and holds its tanks and regulators to very high standards.

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