Virtue Spire Paintball Loader

Virtue Spire Paintball Loader

The Virtue Paintball Spire Loader has changed paintball forever. The latest and greatest paintball Hopper to hit the market is a top choice of all pro players and recreational paintball players.

Check out all the features of this new paintball Loader. We have provided videos and all the features for you. For the latest information on all new paintball products Punishers Paintball is your one stop shop!

The Spire is the the newest Loader out from Virtue! One of the main features of our new Spire loader is the the Spire Drive. The Spire Drive's Flex Cycle allows the Spire to feed even the most brittle paint and its spring loaded arms slide underneath and push jams out of the way before they occur.

The Spire Tray. All of the Spire internals are mounted on an this tray, which is quickly removed with the slide of the convenient Tray Release Tab.

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