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JT Splatmaster

Punishers Paintball is excited to announce the release of the all new JT Splatmaster line of paintball products. JT Splatmaster is perfect for introducing the newer younger player to the game of paintball. It’s great for private family games on your own property or for taking to your camp. No air is required, just pump your JT Splatmaster marker and fire it.

The JT SplatMaster is a low impact product that shoots round color filled Ammo resulting in a Splat. JT SplatMaster markers are spring loaded and shoot at a velocity of 110-140 feet per second which is much softer than a standard paintball gun.

The JT SplatMaster was engineered so kids (and adults!) ages 9+ could easily cock, load, and fire. JT SplatMaster Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, non staining, and easily washes away with water. JT SplatMaster is active play for the entire family. Safe, fun, accurate – Get in the Game!

Be sure to check out the variety of products from shotguns, pistols, targets, chest protection and more. Enjoy a game that the entire family can play.

PunishersPB is a certified seller of all JT Spalmaster Paintball products and upgrades and we guarantee the lowest prices on the internet all with FREE Shipping on orders over $99.


Simply put, JT SplatMaster is a sporting goods product that shoots color filled round Ammo resulting in a Splat. The Ammo is 100% biodegradable, non toxic, resists stains, and easily washes away with water. JT SplatMasters are spring loaded and shoot at a velocity of 110-140 feet per second. At this speed, you can see the Ammo in the air before you see the satisfaction of your Splat.


Want to know what it feels like to be hit by SplatMaster Ammo? We ask a ten year old how it feels after being hit by SplatMaster from close range. See for yourself what he thinks and you can gauge for yourself whether it hurts or not.


Not only is JT SplatMaster fun for the entire family, but it’s EASY to clean up! When you are done playing, simply grab the backyard hose and rinse off the Splats. The non toxic, 100% biodegradable formula won’t damage the environment and is produced with green technology to reduce the global footprint of production.

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