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Empire Vanquish

The Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun is the latest paintball marker from Empire Paintball. The new Vanquish is loaded with features and is going to be a top choice of pro paintball players for the 2013 season. Check out the Specifications and the latest video on the new Empire Vanquish

Vanquish Vanquish Handware

  • Pressure balanced Spool Valve Engine
  • Precision Pressure Sensor for ON-Screen Pressure readout - NoExternal Guage needed.
  • Oled Display with Super Bright 2000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Push Button Bolt Removal with Hinged frame for ultra quick maintenance
  • Carbon Fiber Super Freak barel Kit with 5 inserts

Soft Features:

  • Stick Assistance –Lubricant Monitoring System alerts you when you need to lube your gun.
  • Customizable Ramping and Full Auto Modes to max out your markers performance.
  • Interrupt based Firmware gives an ultra responsive feel when firing. Virtually no lag time between trigger pull and response time.
  • User adjustable Anti-Bolt Stick settings makes first shot drop off a thing of the past
  • PC enabled out of the box with no special accessories needed. Upgrade firmware, change settings, and make custom boot screens with the included PC software.

Customer Service

Feel free to contact our customer service with any questions or concerns regarding your order at:

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