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Virtue Paintball Goggles

Virtue VIO innovative Lens System

The Virtue VIO paintball goggle focuses on innovation. One of the places this is most evident is the VIO lens system designed by Virtue. Quick change lenses have become standard on high end goggles, however, Virtue has taken this process a step further. Using their unique hinge lock system users can pinch a clip and pull on the strap to release the mechanism on both sides of the VIO lens allowing a quick change, even with gloves on your hands.

The innovation of the Virtue VIO paintball goggle system does not stop there. They have integrated a status button into the ear flap/hinge lock section of the goggle. When the VIO lens mechanism is unlocked a small warning flag protrudes from the flap letting users know that the mechanism is not secured. This increases usability as well as the safety factor of the VIO Paintball goggles. The lens system used in the Virtue VIO goggle is one of the safest and easiest to use goggle lens systems in paintball.

 Visibility is key in paintball, and the Virtue VIO has a lens to fit every persons style as well as each situations tactical needs. The lens of the VIO extends past 260 degrees meaning that the lens extends past human peripheral vision allowing you to see EVERYTHING on the field. Our customizer allows you to pick your favorite VIO lens from the factory, so there is no money wasted buying a lens you might not want. All VIO lenses are also 100% UV resistant to protect your eyes from dangerous UV damage.

Small Profile and Full Sized Protection

Virtue focused heavily on making sure the VIO paintball goggle was very low profile while providing maximum protection. In order to reduce profile while remaining comfortable the goggle frame uses dual density foam, this allows the VIO goggle to be comfortable on your face without the need for bulky soft foam. The lightweight mounting plate lets you change out the foam to fit your preference as well.

The ear pieces attach to the hinge plates on the side of the VIO, this makes them attach at the edge of the goggle frame, leaving the most room for your ears but not requiring the ear pads to protrude from the side of the mask. The VIO's ear piece mounting style also means there are no pinch points regardless of the players ear position, this also alleviates any auditory deterioration.

VIO's facemask uses multiple plastic/rubber compounds to provide enough rigidity to protect your face and enough flex to be comfortable. The facemask is long enough to cover even the tallest of faces, yet rides close to the face to minimize potential target size.

Ventilation is a "Virtue"

Virtue knows that being protected and being a small target is useless if you cannot breath. The ventilation design on the Virtue VIO is designed to allow sound out and air into the goggle. This is accomplished through the design of the venting on the facemask of the Virtue VIO. The large vents in the front center of the mask allow maximum air transfer. The angle of the vents on the side of VIO face mask angle out and away from the users ears, meaning the amount of your own voice you hear is reduced and the amount other players hear is increased.

Ventilation does not stop with the facemask Virtue has included ventilation around the entire goggle frame of VIO's lens system, helping to reduce fog. Further ventilation can be found in the perforated ear pieces and nose bridge.

Customize - Make the Virtue VIO YOUR paintball goggle

Never before in paintball have you been able to customize your goggle from the factory. Virtue is the first paintball company to allow you to fully customize your VIO and have it sent to you exactly as you desire. This custom version means you get exactly what you want, and nothing you do not.

  1. Quick Change Thermal Lens
    The VIO is equipped with a large lens, which provides a wide field of view. The dual thermal pane prevents fogging, while the anti-scratch coatings prolong the life of the lens. Most important of all, the lens can be changed in seconds to the Smoke, High Contrast or advanced Chromatic lenses.
  2. Lens Frame
    The VIO Lens Frame is available in 12 different colors, which acts as a base color to accent thousands of different color configurations.
  3. Face Mask
    The removable VIO Face Mask is made of soft and rigid plastics, allowing the mask to be tightly streamlined without sacrificing any protection. The Lower Mask is interchangeable and upgradeable, with over 30 different choices to choose from.
  4. Removable Eye Foam Insert
    The VIO's Eye Foam is removable, and clips into place. Wash the foam regularly to maintain a "like new" feeling or simply snap in a new set of foam if you want your VIO to feel like it did on day one.
  5. Hinge Lock Lens Clips
    The Hinge Lock Lens Clips allow the VIO to have the easiest and fastest lens removal in paintball. Simply unplug the Goggle Strap to unlock the Hinge, then rotate the Hinge Lock inward to remove the lens.
  6. Removable Goggle Strap
    The VIO Goggle Strap is removable for easy upgradeability. A variety of replacement straps, as well as team and personal customization programs are available to further customize your VIO.
  7. Removable 3D Soft Foam Ear Pads
    The Soft Foam Ear pads allow sound to pass through while still providing soft, comfortable protection to your ears. The ear pads are also upgradeable with custom patterns that snap into place.

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