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Violent Series

Violent Series barrels are made by paintball players for paintball players. Ed Poorman and his staff have been playing paintball and involved in the paintball for many years. Ed played for many paintball teams on the pro circuit including one of the top Pro teams Avalanche.

Since a paintball barrel is one of the most important factors in accuracy of a paintball shot, Ed and his team decided to make a high Quality product at an affordable price. After many years of designing and testing they finally came up with their new barrel line...the Lucky 15 barrel. You can choose from variety of bore sizes on their one piece Lucky 15 barrels or if your a serious player and you want to get the best advantage you can go with the Lucky 15 Barrel kit. The kit provides a variety of bore sizes so you can size your paint perfectly to achieve the most accurate shot. it also comes with a cool storage case to house all 3 barrels.

if your looking for accuracy at a great price then look no further. The Violent Series Lucky 15 barrel Line a top choice amongst Pro paintball Players!

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